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Wanna learn calligraphy?

Here are a few resources to get you started.

Calligraphy Beginner's Kit

If you haven't already, get my Calligraphy Beginner's Kit. It has everything to get you started: Sumi Ink, Nikko G nib, penholder and a pad of smooth paper.

Bryn Chernoff's Skillshare Classes

I cannot rave enough about this calligraphy classes by Bryn Chernoff (from paperfinger.com). This is where I discovered (and got hooked on) calligraphy. Skillshare is a paid site ($8USD/month), but this link gets you 1 free month.

Calligraphy I: Writing in Classic Modern Script
An Online Skillshare Class by Bryn Chernoff

Vintage books

Nothing like some good advice on proper penmanship from 1888. Click here to browse through the PDF for free.

Vintage Penmanship Book Vintage Penmanship Book

Follow Your Heart

Even though traditional calligraphy has at its core a rigid set of rules, it doesn't mean you cannot play and explore in a more fluid way. Modern calligraphy (also known as gestural calligraphy) allows you to follow the natural movement of your hand and follow your own rhythm. Have fun!